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Section of studying for CCNA Test results is keeping every one of these new commands straight in your head! And Permit’s face it, There are tons of instructions you have to know so that you can move the CCNA Examination and receive that certification. Right here’s an assessment of some extremely important length vector and static routing commands you need to know, together with their good utilization and console output.


IGRP helps make a default assumption that any Serial interface functioning IGRP is linked to a T1 line, which operates at 1544 KBPS. With equal-Price load-balancing enabled by default, This can be an undesirable assumption.

To change IGRPs assumption, make use of the bandwidth command around the serial interface in problem. Observe this command won't really impact the bandwidth accessible to the interface; it just adjustments IGRPs assumption of the bandwidth.

R2#conf t

R2(config)#int s0

R2(config-if)#bandwidth 512

Distinct ip route *

This command clears your routing desk of all non-static and non-linked routes. In a lab natural environment, its very helpful as it forces your routers working routing protocols to send and request updates, in lieu of expecting the regularly scheduled updates.

R2#very clear ip route *

Debug ip igrp activities

Debug ip igrp events lets you see IGRP updates getting despatched and asked for. Here, the debug is run after which the routing desk is cleared. The router quickly broadcasts update requests via the IGRP-enabled interfaces.

R2#debug ip igrp celebration

IGRP celebration debugging is on

06:02:fifty one: IGRP: broadcasting request on BRI0

06:02:fifty one: IGRP: broadcasting ask for on Serial0.123

Debug ip igrp transactions

To configure IGRP unequal-Price load-sharing Using the variance command, youve got to understand the metric on the a lot less-desirable routes. EIGRP keeps these in its topology desk; IGRP has no this sort of table.

To find the metrics of routes not in the routing table, operate debug ip igrp transactions. To power IGRP updates, the routing desk below was cleared with distinct ip route *.

R2#debug ip igrp transactions

IGRP protocol debugging is on

06:05:33: IGRP: obtained update from 172.twelve.123.1 on Serial0.123

06:05:33: subnet, metric 10476 (neighbor 8476)

06:05:33: community, metric 8976 (neighbor 501)

06:05:33: IGRP: edition is now 3

06:05:33: IGRP: sending update to via BRI0 (172.twelve.twelve.two)

06:05:33: community, metric=8976

06:05:33: IGRP: sending update to by way of Serial0.123 (172.twelve.123.2) – suppressing null update

06:05:34: IGRP: received update from 172.12.twelve.1 on BRI0

06:05:34: subnet 172.twelve.thirteen.0, metric 160250 (neighbor 8476)

06:05:34: community one.0.0.0, metric 158750 (neighbor 501)

Debug ip rip

R2#debug ip rip


IP protocol debugging is on

six:fourteen:53: RIP: received v2 update from on Ethernet0

six:fourteen:53: by using in sixteen hops (inaccessible)

6:14:53: 1.1.1.one/32 by using in two hops

6:fourteen:fifty three: by means of in sixteen hops (inaccessible)

6:14:fifty three: 172.twelve.twelve.two/32 through in 2 hops

six:fourteen:fifty three: 172.12.thirteen.0/thirty by way of in 1 hops

six:fourteen:fifty three: 172.twelve.123.0/24 by using in 1 hops

6:14:53: by way of in 사설사이트 sixteen hops (inaccessible)

Operate debug ip rip to troubleshoot routing update troubles, RIP authentication complications, and also to view the routing update contents. Clear ip route * was operate to very clear the routing table and to power a RIP update.

Ip route

R2(config)#ip route 1.one.1.one 172.12.123.one


R2(config)#ip route one.1.one.one serial0

To configure a static path to a offered location IP handle, utilize the ip route command. The place is accompanied by a subnet mask, and which might be accompanied by both another-hop IP tackle or the exit interface within the nearby router.

Ip route

R2(config)#ip route 172.12.123.one

R2(config)#ip route ethernet0

To configure a default static route, use possibly of both of these commands.

You might have any quantity for the very first″, given that the next set of zeroes http://www.thefreedictionary.com/토토사이트 is definitely the subnet mask. Therefore any destination will match this route assertion.

That’s a great overview to get going with! I’ll be again tomorrow with Element II of this CCNA Examination command overview!