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In preparation in your CCNA and CCNP Test accomplishment, you’ve acquired to discover to troubleshoot Cisco routers. And though ping is a wonderful primary IP connectivity Device, it doesn’t Supply you with all the data you have to diagnose network connectivity concerns.

Enable’s say you have 6 routers between CityA and CityB. You mail a ping from the to B, and get this return:


Sort escape sequence to abort.

Sending five, a hundred-byte ICMP Echos to, timeout is two seconds:


Achievement charge is 0 percent (0/five)

The 5 intervals suggest that there's no IP connectivity to CityB. Challenge is, that’s about all ping lets you know. You may have five or fifty routers in between the two points, so How will you convey to which downstream router has the situation?

That’s the place traceroute is available in. Traceroute sends a few datagrams which has a The perfect time to Dwell (TTL) of 1. People datagrams will timeout at the time they strike the first router in the path, Which router will answer having an ICMP Time Exceeded concept.

In reaction, the sending router sends a few extra datagrams, but these Possess a TTL of two. Therefore the next router in line will send back ICMP Time Exceeded messages. This method proceeds until eventually the ultimate destination (CItyB) is achieved the output in the command demonstrates us The trail the info took:


Kind escape sequence to abort.

Tracing the route to

one four msec four msec 4 msec


2 twenty msec sixteen msec sixteen msec

3 sixteen msec * 16 msec

How can this support troubleshoot a dilemma? Let’s mention that the second router In this particular route,, doesn’t know how to get to The output would appear to be this:

three * * *

This means that the router at doesn’t understand how to reach the ultimate destination. Now you've got a far better notion of which router has 메이저사이트 an issue!

Now listed here’s the bad aspect: you’re gonna get thirty lines of 3 asterisks, and until eventually you abort this traceroute, you’re gonna just check out Individuals asterisks go over the monitor. There’s an abort sequence the router mentions in the very first line of the console output,토토사이트 but the router doesn’t let you know what it truly is! So I will – this top-secret sequence is 2 times, a single correct once the other.

That keystroke requires somewhat getting accustomed to, but a CCNA or CCNP can do it! Insert this command to the Cisco talent established, and it will serve you properly both equally over the CCNA and CCNP examinations and your true-world networks. So you’ll impress your pals by realizing how to halt a traceroute!